Pose like a model

Pose like a model

There are many books about the Art of Posing, but the majority is only a collection of photos or drawings, which do not demonstrate to the viewer the important rules, common mistakes, as well as providing trade tips and tricks. The Posebook covers and exemplifies how the photograph and the model can, in a playful way, build a team and smoothly integrate everything in the shooting process.

There are many books dealing with the Art of Posing, most of them are however only a catalogue of photos or drawings, and do not teach their  readers any of the important rules, common mistakes, and do not give any tip neither tricks of this field. The Posebook covers the whole subject to show to photographers and models how to integrate all that to their work for an easier photo shoot.

The Posebook is not only a good inspiration, it also helps to acquire a basic knowledge of the good moves to adopt in front of the camera, as well as the good behavior behing it.

One also finds in the Posebook numerous tips for photographers to increase their self-confidence when standing behind the camera. The images make the communication between model and photographer (amateur and pro) much easier. A chapter dedicated to men was adopted as requested.

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