This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about sceneline studios, or if you need support, please visit contact our hotline +1 305-709-0540, or send an email to [email protected]

Just be open, relaxed and don’t hesitate to ask any question that would come to your mind. Try to be as natural as possible while in front of the camera, the result on the photos would be much better. If you have any special wishes or ideas, help our team in realizing them.  You would find tips for a better preparation and examples of retouch in our photo shoot guide that you can download for free here.

To prepare for your photo shoot, we also have the Posebook with numerous model poses for an excellent performance in front of the camera. If you purchased the Posebook, you can first train at home in front of the mirror. You can order the book on our website. More information on Pose-book.com.

Appointments can be made right after the purchase of a voucher for a photo shoot. You can book your photo shoot through our website by redeeming the voucher on the right side of the page. If you encounter any problem, you can also contact our hotline. Some vouchers are not in our database yet so you may want to wait a bit. 

If you encounter any difficulties when trying to redeem your voucher online, please send a copy of your voucher to [email protected]. Please don't forget to write "voucher code" in the object. We usually book appointments 1 month in advance. Be aware that your preferred date could possibly not be available. But believe us:  it's really worth waiting.

Photo shoots with a XS or S voucher are special offers which last between 1.30 and 2 hours. You would get 80-100 images directly after your photo shoot. Those photos are in web resolution (300x450 pixels) and contain our Sceneline logo. Unlike the S voucher, the XS voucher doesn’t include a different choice of outfit; there would also be no styling advice. On location, there is always the possibility to get the images in a different size in buying an upgrade to reach the size of the M voucher for instance.  If you like your pictures, you can also get the images in high resolution with no watermark and even benefit from a retouch! More information about the vouchers on the products page.

Our vouchers are normally redeemable for individual photo shoots only. However, an agreement can be made for two people of different genders. If this is the case, please contact us through our hotline to make the appointment. The time for styling and the shoot itself would be then distributed between both. It doesn't make sense to combine vouchers if you are two women as women need time for make-up. Family shoots are usually possible with combined vouchers. We also offer couple shoots.Children under 3 can take part to the photo shoot for free. It is possible to add extra people to the photo shoot if you have vouchers from size L, you would then receive the images in high resolution, without the logo and some pictures retouched.

The images in web resolution are intended to be used on the internet and on computers. This size is perfect for fast uploading on social networks as Facebook, Tweeter or other websites. The web resolution is not made to print.

Web resolution: 300x450 pixels (maximal size 9x13 cm)
Full resolution: about 2600x3900 pixels (depending on the camera: Poster size)
Right after your photo shoot, you can purchase an additional option to get your images in a different size. Please note that the images can only be purchased the day of the shoot. In order to avoid any change issue, we would recommend you to pay by credit card.


Single profesional retouch can be added for $ 99,- per image

The manual image retouch with the use of photoshop gives the final touch to the pictures in order to be then considered as professional fashion photographs. This service is already included in our vouchers from size L. You can also purchase the service in our Basic and Deluxe packages. If you want spectacular effects, this is the best way to get them.

In the basic retouch the following things will be retouched: correction of the color tonality, color optimization, and an eventual removal of color casts. This retouch also includes the removal of skin impurities through a general skin smoothing.


With the deluxe retouch, you can ask for special wishes. This kind of retouch enables the personalization of your photos and considerates your personal wishes. In addition to the basic retouch we will edit other details such as removing clothes labels, bra strips, hair clips, etc. It is also possible to get „Virtual Surgery“ to change the proportions of your body. We can also remove people from your pictures or change the background to create a magazine cover or turn your photo into a Warhol painting. With the deluxe retouch, we can change the color of your hair. For more information, check our photo shoot guide.


Yes, you can give your voucher away. We could even send a gift card to the person of your choice for 9,-€. The card would be sent by email or by post.


-You can add a second person for an extra 68,-€ (including make-up and hair styling) , just ask the Sceneline employee you will have on the phone .

-You can also decide to add a second person on the day of the shoot. It would cost you 39,-€ and would not include any make-up. The time of the shoot won´t either be extended.

Kids under 3 can be added for free, from 4 years old, a second voucher would be required.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Vouchers can be redeemed in any studio of sceneline studios. Some special offers are  limited to one city. However, this is specified on the vouchers.

You can come accompanied by one person indeed. This person can stay througout the photo shoot. If you would like them to participate, please make it clear when you make the appointment.

You only need to bring a couple of different outfits and your voucher printed. You should also come with no make-up on your face or products in your hair so our make-up artist can do everything for you. Please avoid too tight clothes as one can see marks on the skin that could disturb boudoir shoots. You will find more information for the preparation of the photo shoot in our photo shoot guide which you can download for free on the right side of the page.

In digital photography, the light, the scene and many things have to be adjusted. In general, around 20 % of the photos are usable. You will get all the images taken so you can make your own selection. Small defects can be  easily removed thanks to a digital retouch.

Choose with attention your 5 or 10 favorites, according to your purchase, at home. Send them by email to [email protected]. Please don´t forget to include your name, date and location of the photo shoot.

If you have to send more than 5 pictures, you would rather send them through our online service (https://scenelinestudios.wetransfer.com). The Basic retouch process takes 3 to 4 weeks and the Deluxe 4 to 5 weeks.

Our photo shoot themes give them a direction such as a leitmotiv that our team will follow. Those themes are however not obligatory. You can also personalize your photo shoot, just talk about it with the team, give them as accurate information as possible. You can also bring example pictures for instance from our photo shoot guide that you can open and read for free on the right side of the page.


Fashion: mainly full body photos and stress on the outfit

Beauty: The main emphasis would be put on your face and make-up. 

Glamour: heavy evening make-up and cocktail dress

Business: serious presentation – simple or sophisticated

Boudoir: stylish and esthetic pictures


You can send your voucher back to our partners (Groupon, Amazon Local, Living social...) within 14 days after purchase.

Your questions has not been answered? Contact us by phone from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm by calling +1 305-709-0540or send an e-mail to [email protected] We will respond to your messages as soon as possible. 

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